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Friday, February 13, 2015

Fiction Friday: Countess Rachel's first official address

So I was going through some of my old files, digging for ideas and found this short piece of fiction I wrote as the introduction to URC7-I01 Reclaiming Ventnor. This interactive adventure ran at Tacticon '07 IIRC. It was the first interactive following the election of our new Countess Rachel. During the last year, Ventnor, one of the County's town was handed over to evil

Dressed in the heavy plate armor with a tabard displaying the White Swan, Countess Rachel stood on her dark brown Urnstian warhorse. Standing up on the stirups, the speaks to the assembled Knight, soldiers, adventurers and mercenaries.

"Knights, Countymen and foreign friends! I, Countess Rachel the First, have not yet been Countess for three months that find myself forced to call upon you. I have received grievous news from Ventnor. The laws of our land are being baffeled as worshippers of Hextor and other dark powers roam the streets without worry. They cull our good folks and herd them like cattle for whatever dark plot they are pursuing."

"THIS WILL NOT STAND! Due to their blatant disregard for our laws, our former allies, the Duergar of Clan Mithraldeath have made themselves guilty of supporting evil forces within the County. They have found themselves guilty of mass murder upon the population of the County. They have been found to worship and support the worship of banned religions within the County."

"That is why I call upon you all to raise a green banner and gather with us in Jedbridge to seal the fate of these vile creatures. I call upon all the Knights of the Swan and available military personnel to rally to my banner as we people of good, as we people of faith, as we people of the County strike back! Together We march to Ventnor. Together We fight for Ventnor. TOGETHER, WE RECLAIM VENTNOR!!! TO VENTNOR - TO WAR!!!"


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