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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

First Love: My first Winter Fantasy

The first time I went to Winter Fantasy was back in Jan 2004. At that time, it was in Secaucus, New Jersey. Or "New York" as we foreigners referred to it. I remember our original plan: gather in Sherbrooke, play an LG game there. Then sleep for 3-4 hours. Then hop into the car and drive south down I-89.

Well that was the plan.

However, my boss at the time, kept me in the office until 8 or 9pm (the original plan called for us to meet in Quebec City around 9pm) to address some issue that didn't really matter in the end. But nevertheless, it was important for me to get that done. Finally, I left work, ran home, gathered all the folks who were coming from Quebec City and off to Sherbrooke. There, I slept an hour as they finished a game that sprung as they were waiting for us.

"Hey JP, wanna play a mod?" I was asked and I hopped to my feat, and I was sitting down playing an Adventure. With the rising of the Sun came time to head to NY. With a 6h car drive, we had a lot of fun joking and generally being a group of guys on a car trip.

The weekend was great and we came back beat and tired, I don't remember sleeping much during those three days - or where we slept, actually - the weekend was filled with ARs and new rewards for the start of year 4... And a story.

A few things of note, it was the pre-release of the Eberron campaign and short "sample" adventures were being offered. I did not participate in them myself, but some of the group did and really liked it. I never liked Eberron and things I heard there confirmed my dislike.

I also remember that place was just ENORMOUS! It felt like a airplane hangar. I don't think it was THAT big, but walking from one end to the other took a while.

I since returned to WF in 2005 (by plane), 2008 (for the 4e kick-off), and 2014.

And now, for the first time, I will be attending and showcase my own material instead of that of others. Plus I was quite excited to see that we were mentioned as an important mark in the Winter Fantasy Wikipedia!

My adventures are ready to go. I "just" need to print them and I'm off on my way! Now tomorrow will be such a long day at work. A lot of work to finish, but it'll be awesome. Gah! I can't wait!


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