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Saturday, January 10, 2015

WIP: Primidian Knight Model

One of my favorite races in NeoExodus are the Primidians... they have an uncanny ability to speak with anyone they encounter. However, people know them best for their tentacle arms... I mean who doesn't like tentacles? They create hentai situations all by themselves!

I try to avoid posting WIP pictures but this model was such an interesting conversion work that I had to share...

First was the making of the tentacles... they had to be swirly and not straight. Next they had to meet somewhere so it could hold a sword. I spent many long minutes getting this arrangement to work.

Next, I had to build the sword. I wanted a large/greatsword type of weapon. I used random pieces to make one. These are very old pieces of GW models.

Next cut off the model's hands and drill holes for the tentacles. Glue one. Place. Wait for it to be dry. Glue sword. Place and glue other tentacle. Wait. Take a picture.



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