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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Commission: A Kalisan and Short-Pig

One of the most iconic races in NeoExodus are the calibans/kalisans. These milky white-skin cannibalistic marauders travel the world in search of wealth... and food. They have black shark eyes and often file their teeth.

Bryan-S's character is a member of that race. He's something of an iconic in his own right. His many-times hated rangers machine guns down my brave and heroic Janus Hordesmen with surprising speed. Oh how my awesome plans for destroying the PCs were foiled by his arrows...

For the mini, I used one of the bottom-bin minis of a Persian Archer. I thought it went well with him. Very utilitarian and with a HUGE quiver...

But seriously, the coolest aspect of his character is his pig companion "Short Pig" (as all the other PCs are "Long Pigs"). Did I mention he is a cannibal? With the feat? Well he is! I have a few pigs minis I bought way back in Ireland... So I painted one up and here it is.


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