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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

NeoExodus Sasori miniature

One of the most exotic races of NeoExodus are the scorpion-men known as the Sasori. They have great flavor but as a miniature enthusiast... They are a horrible nightmare. The cool artwork in the book does not match any company's models. Really. Really not. I have been meaning to create an Iconic with them I just cannot find myself a good model.

So... in the face of a good match... I had to improvise.

In a random lot of Dark Ages models, I found a number of these things that are not QUITE that, but "close enough" that I will use them. This test model is the results of this experimentation. (I'm pretty certain LPJ will leave a "I hate you forever" comment upon seeing this mini).

My alternative was to use a GW Kroot mini. I mean. Does anyone use Kroot?


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