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Monday, January 5, 2015

Cryx Monday: (Another) Aiakos Commission

Another Aiakos! This time for my friend Brandon. Unlike Chad's which I painted back in September (which appears on the right of this), Brandon plans to use it to play Warmachine. So this minis needs to fit into a theme yet still serve as an accent piece.

I got inspired by a concept of waves and water. So green and blue shiny became the basis for the armor. I used some of GW's old metallic green and blue (from a paint pot that was ancient when I got my hands on it in at the only Irish Grand Tournament in 2001). Most of the armor is a jade-ish green with blue highlights. I like the final effect.

For Chad's mini, I use the head tassels/hair as an accent here, but here I decided to go more muted and have the skin itself serve as and accent to the darker greens and blues. With a few inks, I tried to make it look "somewhat unhealthy".

I must say that the color play works for me. I like the contrasts. Now that I can look at the pix of both, I think of Chad mostly as a "mundane" gladiator-type character while Brandon's seems to be coming from the briny deep. I can smell his reeking of algae... It's like both of them tell a different story.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this...


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