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Monday, November 3, 2014

Legacies: Creating Gytha, a teaser

I case you missed it, a few weeks back, I held a public design session. I assembled a crack team of NeoExodus enthusiasts in the creation of a city that we would be using extensively during this campaign year - and perhaps beyond.

I will commend my team of James, Rory and Steven who came up with some really evil things - better things than I could ever come up with. With that session over, it fell to me to integrate everything: their ideas with mine into a coherent whole. Originally, I had planned on having this book be around 10-12 pages but the final product will be around 28 pages long!

The result, I will say is a very compelling town, the first of the genre of what I hope will become a great series. The book includes a history of Gytha, a series of exciting locations both near and in Gytha itself including the Aquaspire, Iron Graveyard, the Pearl Beds, the Sahuagin Quarter. Four fully-stat'd NPCs with their background and history. New character options including three character archetypes, new feats, new weapons, unique items, a gallery of Janus Horde low-level combatants and no less than four new monsters!

As I write this blog post, I am putting the finishing touches on the document, I hope to have available for everyone by the weekend.

As a first teaser, I will leave you with the following: WIP art of the map of the city itself!


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