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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Commission: Aiakos Kickstarter Exclusive

This model was a commission my good friend Chad brought me. He took part in the Kickstarter for Warmachine Tactics, the online game for Warmachine - which I am anxiously awaiting. While I participated in this kickstarter, I could not afford the exclusive sculpts of the journeymen warcasters. Getting to paint them was a reward in itself!

I painted the fellow with the typical Cryx colors of dull green with a few highlight. I really painted them so he would be at home with my own army. The paint job itself was fairly straight forward as the model is basically armor, leather belts and some skin. I initially planned on giving him some tattoos, but as I worked him, I found the burnished brass/gold over dark steel was already quite powerful, almost longing for a large piece of uniform color, to contrast with the details. So I settled with a monotone "skirt" and the bright red mane. These drew the eye in a simple but effective manner and become high points to the model.

However, Chad intended this model as a Role-playing character for Pathfinder Society (or maybe NeoExodus...?) It has a lot going for him: the chain and trident, the piecemeal armor, the scars, and that wicked blade. He looks mean.

A great mini.


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