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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Commission: Allison Jakes Kickstarter Exclusive

Following up on the post about Aiakos, Chad got himself two model. The second one being Allison Jakes of the Cygnar army.

I will admit to not being very impressed by the mini when I first looked at it up close. Another boring blue model... But after priming, I noticed that she was wearing mostly clothes instead of armor with a few armor pieces and a loincloth/skirt.

She suddenly became more interesting!

Now painting leather is something easy. Easy to do an okay job: a based brown, a dark wash and (maybe) a little brush touch-up.

Doing some good leather, especially when there is that much of it is much harder to go well. The technique is the same: base, wash, but instead of the dry brush, I did a "wet brushing" which dulls the previous without altering the color too much. Then I added highlights on the belt straps to differentiate them from her clothing.

The armor plates and the skirt got a "boring" treatment of blue with white highlights. The leathers is what really pops to me on the model and I not wish to detract from that.

Difficult to see, but I used very watered down blue on the sword to give it a blue sheen.


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