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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Commissions: many WIP

It like it's been forever ago that I posted a commission piece.

OH WAIT, no, I posted Chad's minis last week!

Bah! Here are a few teasers... Mostly to prove to myself that I'm not slacking in that department... One of those pics is a surprise to its future owner... try and guess which one.

And for good measure what I am currently working on: North American Indians, Aztec civilians, Llamas, Cryx Undead pirates, swarms, a mega-dire-rat and two Razor Coast weresharks. In addition to the commission work... A few evening of cleaning up.

This reminds me that I REALLY should do a how-to paint like JP (or: How every other painters told me not to do). These have been base coated and await final touches and bases...


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