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Thursday, August 21, 2014

After-Action Report: Gencon 2014, Part 3

Friday came too quickly. I was up at my usual Seven, showered and headed out to the games room. No coffee (the line was too long).

Today would be different. I would run only the two regular adventures and be free to play an Arcanis premiere in the evening.

The first game had the Barron family as my players. Great people. We had a lot of fun. Again Dousing Fire With Blood in the morning. I certainly hope to see them again, and with any luck run some NeoExodus for them. IIRC they are local to Indianapolis.

Between slots, I spotted Dallas-D and Chris-F from Denver. We talked briefly as both were running between games. Still, it was great to see them and catch up, albeit too quickly.

The next group came to play As if it could get any better were a group of players who had barely played Pathfinder. I spent a lot of time teaching the game and provided them with helpful hints. Though they were sharp and although not versed in Pathfinder, they got the tactics and did very well. Again, more surprises from the players regarding their decisions.

The game ended rather quickly, allowing me the rare privilege of being able to visit the dealer’s hall. I walked through about 1/4th of it before running back towards the game room.

Tonight featured an Arcanis premiere. I have to say was well thought out and expansive. Very political, ideal for my character, the Patrician Kermina val’Borda (who puts the “val” in “Valley Girl”), who had a lovely time ditzing her way through the adventure and arranging marriages and secret love affairs.

Our poor GM Lindsay also began to draw upon the accent before slapping herself back to reality. It was really, really, funny.

Late, late, late, did this great game went. But, as good zombies, we made our way back to the room, to begin again the next morning.

Saturday morning came: coffee at the hotel (which was the same as Starbucks but cheaper and without the line). Then back to the room. I dropped by to say hi to the White Star folk.

Saturday was my playing day. I kept myself open to play all day. I was to do two WitchHunter and another Arcanis premiere.

I was so excited – as usual.

For the first game of WitchHunter and the first of the second campaign year, the campaign moved from mysterious England to the more urban sites of Paris. Not today’s Paris with its large boulevard, but the Paris of the 17th century, with its narrow streets and back alleys. It really is a place where, in my mind, the setting of WitchHunter can really shine. Though the adventure could’ve used a little more hands-on knowledge of the city by the GM (I won’t fault him for that, I blame my fanboy-ism), the adventure was really good and it was really fun: having John-B’s werewolf and Jay’s lumberjack with the inimitable Sister Marie.

Next table was the finale of the first story arc. The finale was epic and fun, but unfortunately, I was the only one who had played any previous part of it. I still had some fun (the self-flagellating Sister Marie is a blast to play), and I even managed to end the adventure with an 8-foot cross on my back.

The evening is where things went awry. I had been thinking of changing my ticket from Arcanis to participate in the battle interactive for Heroes of Rokugan. However, my previous table ran close to the limit and many excuses later, I was seated to play the Arcanis game that my ticket indicated.

I ordered food at the overpriced restaurant below and got ready to play. This time with some Denverites I had not seen in almost a year now. It would be a great game. Then we’re handed the mod info.

”I’ve already played this!” I could not help but exclaim. Dejected, I left the table – there would be seven players anyway and tables of seven...

Well they suck.

So I decided to head to the Rokugan event. It was halfway across Gencon, a mile or so away. I was nearly there when I remembered the overpriced food. So I turned back (I had only eaten a cheese sandwich all day).

Time for plan C.

I walked to the guys at the Fellowship of the White Star who welcomed me with open arms and a generic! I played “Rusty O’Neill”, a drinking, smoking, Irish stereotype who wants to open a brewery... Long story short, I managed to coup de grace the bad guy. So my honor was saved!

Then back to the room for sleep.

Ahead, all I had was a sold-out table of the special in the morning.


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