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Monday, August 4, 2014

[Response] How Arcanis made things better

In a previous post (read my rant-astic prose), I ranted about my dislike for the carpet-sweeping crap-tacular rewards offered for an 8-hour game: 100xp and some minor stuff (a one-time boon to save your butt and lots of money, which serves little purpose in that campaign).

Well, I was not the only one who complained.

Many of us complained, spinning a massive thread on the PCI forums. The situation spiraled, but managed to remain civil and with an overall aim towards constructive results.

To their credit, the PCI campaign staff responded quickly, first on the forums to say they would "do something about it" and then through concrete actions. The other day, I received a new reward cert: the XP was upped to 500, and the rest of the rewards staying as is.

In as few words as possible: Well done and thank you, PCI. That was a nice move!

In addition to giving reward more in-line with what we the players expected, they provided a rationale for why they want to lower the XP given by adventures. Their explanation, one I do not agree with completely but can understand, actually drew in players.

Masterful stroke indeed! You got us to agree to sign up for less rewards in the future.


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