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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Circle Oroboros: a new Kaya

I seems so long ago now that I painted two of these ladies! And now in a somewhat random ebay lot, I won another Kaya. I posted the Argus and Warpwolf that came with her in a previous post back in April.

One interesting part is that I seem to get my hands on a Kaya every April-ish for the past three years! I posted the first one in April of 2012, then Epic Kaya in April of 2013. And I now post a "new" one that I won in April of 2014, but that I only finished painting in August...

Now for this Kaya, I went with a caucasian skin tone whereas the other ones had a darker tone. The blue on the "armor" I don't really like, but I painted for the Boy and he wanted blue. Still, it works and goes with the other 3 models in this starter set.

I chose to add a tiger-like pattern to the cloak as a cats-and-dogs reference. Kaya is not a cat girl: she's all about the puppies!


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