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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Origins news! The Mastiff of the Baskertons to Premiere

Well I have cried, whined, griped and despaired over it, but finally, I got it done. What at first seemed to me like a simple distraction turned into something much bigger. And now that it is done, something I am very proud of. Of course I am talking about my Witch Hunter: The Invisible World adventure.

The adventure now has number and a release date!

SP1-2 The Mastiff of the Baskertons will be offered at Origins! That's right! If you have a ticket for SP1-2 at Origins, you will be playing a twisted tale from the recesses of my mind. The adventure draws upon one of the most read and filmed stories in the history of the world. I read this story a few years ago, after having seeing more than my fair share of adaptation in film or on TV.

I can't wait to hear feedback on this adventure.


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