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Monday, June 30, 2014

Cryx Mondays: Scrap thralls for the heap

In the Cryx lot from Cincicon, were a number of these scrap thralls.

Where to start with these models... I love them. Not just for their use in the game. I have no idea how good or bad they are, but with a name like "scrap thrall", I don't hold my breath for them being awesome.

Seriously, their usage for me lies in their usefulness as RPG models. Half-skeleton, half-construct, what else do I need? I mean really? They look bulky, unwieldy and just plain mean.

I have been thinking about a Zombie apocalypse mini-game for a while, using Zed or Alive perhaps. These guys just scream "INCLUDE US!" Not to mention additions to Deadlands: Hell on Earth or steampunk horror. But even as NeoExodus necrostructs... This is an adventure that simply writes itself.


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