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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Warmachine Wednesday: Iron Fangs, then and now

Part of the Khador lot I won that reeked of cigarette smoke were these guys. Back in January of 2012, I won a number of these pikemen which I painted and sold at a great price to my friends Carey and Josiah (shout-out!). These models came to me without shields, banners or arms in more than one case. Here they are again, to jog your memories:

Comparing the two jobs, I like them both. The original one was more "typical" with the reddish-orange highlights, while these later ones are much darker with the black highlights. The older ones had something I like, something about all the conversion and changes that stuck with me.

One thing I think is missing is a nice big Khador banner. However, the spears are just too pliable to hold a banner nicely.


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