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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Final June Commissions

Perhaps the final two commissions I will do for people here in Colorado. The first model is for Alex. His character is a scantily-clad barbarian female. Since the model is naked, I could not make a unique pattern on her clothes, which I did - on her skirt. I went wild on the cloak and gave her a tiger skin.

But perhaps what I like best of the model are the face tattoos. Really make her look fierce.

The next model is for Stephen-B. He had a Mage Knight dual pistoleer model. He wants it converted to wielding bombs. So with a bit of sculpting, I created shards, one red with "TNT" written on it and a green vial with "something" inside. I also repainted the model pretty much the same color it has before.

Painted the face to more than the blob that was there before.

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