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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

JP at PaizoCon 2013: An extensive post-mortem, Part 1

This past weekend was PaizoCon at the Airport Marriott in Seattle. It was my third-straight year participating, my first as a non-Venture Officer for Pathfinder Society.

I had not planned on being there originally. But LPJ sent me a ticket and I had to do it at that time. My wife put one restriction: I could not leave the house on July 4th. I agreed - and enjoyed some ribs with the family. Those bad boys were GOOOD. We also did a bit of shopping and rested for the day. It was fun.

I got up at 3am to catch my 7am flight out of Denver. No problem - there wasn't any snow this time! I left in flip flops! Woohoo! After an unremarkable flight - I slept through most of it.

I did, however finish Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" which I thoroughly enjoyed btw. I loved both A&D and The Da Vinci Code. I managed to guess the ending correctly and also avoided the movie and the spoilers on the "History" channel. I can now binge on them (I did the opposite on The Da Vinci Code - to my dismay). I can't wait to see the movie with Tom Hanks...

I arrived in Seattle, got a coffee and headed for the con. It was already in full swing. I just missed the first slot (which I knew I would so I had nothing planned for it). I spent the slot with LPJ at the seller's both. We talked with each other (a little) and with players/ writers/ suppliers (a lot). Now I am far from a booth babe and I am the kinda guy who's sale technique is "playing the setting beats out all the cool lines I can give you." It must've worked because I GM'd a number of guys later. I also met with Jeff Lee, Head Writer for NeoExodus. It turned out to be a very fun first slot.

Good news, bad news, arguments, threats. Yes, it was exactly how you would expect a meeting between LPJ and I. And it was entertaining.

The People (Paizo & Venture Officers)

I got to say hello to a lot people with whom I played over the years, including but far from limited to fellow/ former Venture Officers. (okay I'll forget a lot of you, don't be offended): Alistair, Az, Brian D, CA, Dan, Eric B, Robyn, Ryan from Montreal, Scott-eh, Venus

plus the Colorado crew: Jacque (and Bill), Everett & Martin. A shout-out to Wes who never made to the con but with who my prayers and thoughts were - and still are. Get better, mate.

The people who run this campaign day in, day out are a great bunch of people. Knowing them personally is a big plus in my life. As I plan to move halfway across the country, this is doubly so. Already I have spoken to the Russ-A in Cincinnati and Chad in Kentucky to help/ run/ cross-pimp campaign with them. You might soon read about some new stories... Just a few more days.

One thing I was dreading to some extent was a meeting between Mike Brock and myself. Not that I was expecting much - we're both too old. But one thing I wondered was "how will he greet me - if at all?" I must admit that I had not really made up my mind about it: whether to be a jerk or not. I doubt I would've been been anything but polite and formal.

Well to his credit, Mike was the first Paizo Employee to greet me by name, with a simple "Hi JP." As corny as it sounds, it re-kindled my respect for the man. We have our differences on many subjects but I can respect him nonetheless. Good job, Mike.

I also got in short chats with SRM, Liz-C and SKR. As I spent most of the con running to my table or back to my room. Very nice and approachable people overall.


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