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Friday, July 19, 2013

Off into the Sunrise...

Eight years ago, I left my wife (then girlfriend) and 7 months old daughter in Quebec City for the road trip of a lifetime. My friend Steve-H and I drove from Montreal to Colorado Springs. On the way, we stopped to play in Detroit, then a full weekend in Iowa before finally rolling into town.

It was 2005.

Little did I know the many people and faces I would get to know over these past eight years here in Colorado. It is with more than a sad heart that I accepted a new job out-of-state, in Louisville Kentucky. I've been at my current job for each of those years and worked with great people and I will always cherish my time with PGI.

But work is not the only thing. Not for a gamer.

During that time, we saw 3 editions of D&D (3.5->4->PFRPG), three major Organized Play Campaign with which I was involved: Living Greyhawk, Living Forgotten Realms and Pathfinder Society. NeoExodus Legacies is still growing and though I would like to I won't put it as one of the "major"... yet. So many people have come and gone and returned.

I met LPJ and produced NeoExodus with him. Then we came up with Legacies with D'Anne and Linda (and feedback from you guy too).

To this day, I feel proud of the community I've been a part of for those eight years. Bunch of passionate quality people that you have here. I cannot try putting down the full list of people who left an impression on me during that time. I would forget too many people. However, I can safely name the following people.

D'Anne N who has been my partner in crime through Living Greyhawk and NeoExodus. Brutally frank, she and I did some awesome things... And would have brought the County of Urnst to a level never before seen. Blame 4e! Now she is my sounding board for Legacies...

Lenny L a true friend from the first game I played here in CoS. He and I clashed (a lot) about 4e, but through it all, we both respected and liked each other.

Linda W-R who took my jests with good humor and who now runs a tight ship with the DGA and Legacies.

The Colorado Venture-Officers: Bryan, Everett, Jacque, and Martin. These guys are making CO even better than I did. Keep it up guys!

The people at my job... Kept my family fed and allowed me to play, run and get all this done.

All the GMs who put up with my in-game antics. You know who you are... kudos! Keep running fun events above all else.

I also want to give a shout-out to the local games stores that saw more of me than maybe they wanted: Gamers' Haven and Petries Family Games here in Colorado Springs. But also to the stores in Denver: Bonnie Brae, CollectorMania, Enchanted Grounds, and Total Escape Games.

I played with you, I GM'd for you, I lead you. But most important, I got to be one of you.

Thank you Colorado.

See you at Tacticon.



  1. JP,

    It has been a pleasure knowing you and following your exploits in the Colorado gaming scene, from killer LG modules, through road trips to the flat lands, to great LG experiences both playing with you, as well as playing at your tables.

    Keep up the good work, my friend! Your efforts to improve the gaming in Colorado have helped this community strengthen and grow.


  2. Take care my friend and may your future be blessed and you dice always hot.

  3. THat was nice. You will be missed...

  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone! They really mean a lot.

  5. Best of luck with the new job, JP !

    I know a few people in Kentucky, and you moving there gives me more reasons to finally go and see you and them... once stuff gets less hectic around here.

    1. Do things ever get "less hectic"???
      Seriously, you are more than welcome to come and see us once we settle in (I now live in a one bedroom appt until the family comes here).