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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Busy days!

This is just a quick update about me. I'm really working hard to finish a lot of projects. At the same time.

And I like it.

This past Saturday, I ran two play tests for upcoming NeoExodus Legacies Adventures. Linda's A Rose by any name and my own The Prisoner. While there are fixes to do to both - mostly in the area of grammar, but there were a few things I need to fix. Avenues of investigation we need to detail to help our GMs when they are faced with a table of players.

One of my biggest concern was the incorporation of a chase into an adventure, using the rules I proposed in this previous post. Using them was a challenge but I think the result was very positive. Very encouraging. I'll post more about it in its own post later. It changes some of the premises of chases, but it make for rather interesting times, from my side of the screen, it was good. From the players' side, the possibility of removing some obstacles really helped. At one point someone ran back to heal other members who couldn't roll to save their own lives... As I said. Interesting!

Genghis Con is coming together for us (and I hope for others too). With two adventures nearly done (I sent them to D'Anne and Linda) to edit, my focus for the con shifts to finishing the interactive. If you've been following my Twitter feed, you know that I've been working on it for a while now and that it is coming together nicely. That's true. Well, this is something we keep talking about and the more we do, the more ideas we get for it. Those who will get to play will get a chance to get their names into Exodus' history.

There will be some new GMs who will run things for us as well, which is going to be great! I can't wait to get adventures into these guys' hands. Meaning I've got to hurry!

I need to get as much done before we kick off our Kickstarter for Free RPG Day which will take a fair chunk of my time (and not just the writing...). I'll let you know more about it when kick it off on February 1st! LPJ worked his butt off to get some traction on this, and this KS is really the icing on the cake.

When LPJ and I first talked about the "Supporting 3PP is supporting Pathfinder" campaign. Okay, I was told of this, but I supported the idea nonetheless. I wondered if this would peter out into nothing, but I am happy to say the LPJ and a number of other 3PP are really behind the idea. As proof, you can see a lot of their names pop up here with us doing something with them or them doing something for us.

I'm happy to report that the two Kickstarters we funded and where I was directly involved with: last year's Free RPG Day (Undying Legacy of the First Ones) and Origin of Man are both out. The Silvered Skull which I wrote for Dreamscarred Press is in formatting with LPJ right now, thus done (on my side of things). My initial offering for Obsidian Apocalypse is also done (though I expect a few more things to come my way on that one). So now I can focus my attention on this newest offering. I have a few combats and situations/traps I have, but nothing concrete just yet.

I'll be posting more miniatures and commissions soon. I've had a number of units sitting on my desk in their base coat only... I have to finish them then take pictures.