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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NeoExodus Legacies in Down Under! With Pix!

We told you it happened.

Now we have proof.

A big thanks to the crew down under: Alistair, John and Martin (who kindly provided me with the picture). Both of those were taken before or during "Undying Legacy of the First Ones" (Get your copy for free here). We promise to get you guys some more adventures!

Which leads me to something... if you are planning a convention or game day in February/ early March of 2013, we will be releasing two new Legacies Adventures and would love to allow you to provide us with feedback. This is your opportunity to tell us what happened at your table(s), and thus allow you to decide the future of Exodus! Just get in touch with me or any one of the First Ones (D'Anne or Linda). We will be at Genghis Con in Denver Feb 14-17!

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  1. What scares me (in a good way) is how NeoExodus products are on that table.