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Friday, January 18, 2013

Chase Decks + Magic Decks = Great Chase?

As I read Matt's comment about running a chase with the PCs being chased (read it here) and started putting ideas down for my response (here), I began to think "how can I make a deck that could be used like a chase deck yet fit the changes I want to implement?"

The idea slowly dawned on me. What has a lot of terrain, art and is available on the cheap?

Magic cards!

Don't laugh, lands for Magic are inexpensive enough that you can buy a bunch of them, replace the text with boxed text and use those! Go to your local games store and ask for their stash of lands. I spend an hour at Petries' Family Games looking through their lands box to find 2 identical cards with some art that represented what I planned to use in my chase.

Shout-out to Cam for the cards!

For 5$ you can get about 50 cards: enough to correct mistakes and generate a number of cards! It's even less than that if you don't mind using the pre-used/ non-mint lands/ white contour/ brown edge. I did not mind. I wasn't going to play Magic, just use those for RPGs.

I think this might be a winning option here: cheap, readily available, portable, quick to use, and pleasing to the eye! For under 5$ I don't mind slapping a sticker on them to cover the "Tap for 1 mana" text.

I'll finish them later today and post some pictures over the weekend.


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  1. Great idea! You could even just scan a couple of the cards you own in and manipulate them in photoshop. This gives you the flexibility to not only be limited to land cards