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Monday, October 1, 2012

NeoExodus Legacies Campaign Guide: In Editing

Legacies is gaining traction as D'Anne, Linda, Louis and I try to turn the Campaign guide from a gathering of "we'd like this" to "this is it!". I haven't been blogging much these past few day specifically because of that. Every additional minute I get, I tweak the campaign guide. Although we do not expect it to be perfect on the first go (we're trying to make it so).

Here are some very exciting things about it. This will be the first published product with the new layout for NeoExodus. It will feature art (some new, some from the book), the traits used in the campaign (your national affinity), a list of allowed religions (yes, you can play a heretic in the campaign) and a number of other goodies.

We had another discussion about the formatting of the adventure records, the dissension being mostly about looks. The sections and what we want to track on there are pretty much set.


What do I need to play NeoExodus Legacies? This is one of the important ones. You will need a copy of the NeoExodus Campaign Book and a copy of Pathfinder Core Rulebook. For GMs, we require them to own a copy of the Pathfinder Bestiary as we will be using the book for a number of monsters.

Can I play my dwarf fighter in NeoExodus Legacies? No. NeoExodus has many unique races, try them out!

What are the level caps in NeoExodus Legacies? Everyone starts at third level. There is currently no "maximum levels" in the campaign.

I already played some NeoExodus adventures, can I get credit for them? Yes, if you have played some of our pre-OP adventures (such as the A, B, or C series), we will be rolling out the adventure records for them as the adventures are release for everyone.

When can we expect NeoExodus Legacies to be fully rolled out? In the next few months.

I have a convention, how can I get access to NeoExodus Legacies Adventures? Contact and let us know. Provide the name of the con, the location, and any information that could help us better serve you.

Will I be able to use crafting ? This first version of the Guide does not have crafting in it, but YES, it is something we want to allow people to do in NeoExodus Legacies. Crafting is one of the coolest elements

Will I be able to take the Leadership feat ? Yes. The leadership feat is available. The cohort rules will be added later, but the leadership feat will be usable by players to add a secondary character to complete a table. If you remember Living Greyhawk, cohorts will function much like they did in LG: when a table is not full, you can bring your cohort to round out the table. Cohorts will be much weaker than their patron characters, but will still provide a needed addition to tables.

Will you have a website to report game results? Yes, it's in the works.

Will you be adapting adventures from other companies to NeoExodus Legacies? We are not closing the door to it, but each such product will be evaluated independently.


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