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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[Avatar of the Kaga] Patrons of NeoExodus Legacy Part 1

With the NeoExodus Legacies Campaign Book off to formatting for public releases, I finally can finally begin releasing small parts of the document and expose some of the goodies we've been working on. If you follow me on Twitter (@jpongaming), you know the highs and lows I've been through to get this through the pipe. We received a lot of feedback from people around the world: from America, Australia and Europe. The feedback was varied and very interesting, from power-gamers to role-players, from former campaign administrators (from Living Greyhawk, Living Forgotten Realms to Pathfinder Society to Shadowrun Missions). This makes for a very wide range of experience.

D'Anne, Linda and I went through the feedback, picked the most important/ unique elements and addressed it as best we could. I firmly believe that the resulting document draws on the experience of all of these people. It was interesting to see what different people wanted in an organized play campaign.

But enough of that... let's look at the first two: The al-Mahkama and the Ashen Syndicate...

Patron Entries

Relation: Gives the faction this patron is loyal to who with they are associated.

Modus Operandi: Describes how the faction works as well as the types of tasks it asks its people to do. Depending on your character, it may be easier or harder to fulfill certain tasks. This section also tells whether the patron operates openly or not.

Leader: Gives a little information about the leader of the faction. This alignment should give you an idea of the faction’s ethical and moral behavior.

Requirements: Any additional requirement you must fill to select that patron.

Benefits: Every patron grants some benefit to skill checks in certain situations, representing the training you received. Any bonuses to social skill checks require the NPC to know of your affiliation with the patron. If you lie about who your patron is, you could have a benefit or a penalty, depending on the NPC’s knowledge of you, your true patron, or your false patron.


Relation: The Sheik and his court are loyal to the Dominion.

Modus Operandi: Expand the knowledge of all things magical, and protect the sanctity and territory of the Dominion, particularly from the Arman Protectorate.

Leader: Sheik Arjouf ben Ibrahim is a man who wastes little time. A calm and collected individual, he treats everything he does with the utmost seriousness. The Sheik is lawful good in alignment.

Modus Operandi: The Sheik uses his agents to expand his stores of magical knowledge and power. Keeping an eye on the Protectorate and reporting what they are doing is a common request. Al-Mahkama is Qijomi for the Sheik’s court or place of judgment.

Requirements: Must be able to cast spells (arcane, divine or psionic) or have at least one rank in either Knowledge (arcana) or Spellcraft.

Benefits: You gain a +1 bonus to any check to identify the magical properties of an item.

Ashen Syndicate

Relation: The Ashen Syndicate is loyal to the Confederacy as whole – rather than the Imperatrix specifically.

Modus Operandi: The Syndicate seeks to promote personal freedom above all. The Syndicate expects its agents to be independent and self-reliant. Members should expect little help from their superiors. Many of its members believe that the ends justify the means. Many are wanted in other nations as anarchists, rabble-rousers, and seditionists.

Leader: The Ashen Syndicate is run by an old Kalisan named Brutchek. Brutchek was born in Sametia and was exiled during the formation of the Janus Horde. From the city of Reis, he built himself a criminal empire that promotes individual freedom. Brutchek particularly hates the Janus Horde and the Imperial Alliance authorities.

Alignment: The Ashen Syndicate is Chaotic Neutral (with evil tendencies).

Requirements: Only those without the taint of the First Ones can work for the Reis Confederacy.

Benefits: You gain a +1 bonus to Bluff, Disguise and Stealth checks when dealing with authorities.


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