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Thursday, October 25, 2012

[Avatar of the Kaga] Patrons of NeoExodus Legacy Part 2

Continuing my series on the patrons for NeoExodus Legacies (here is Part 1). This time the Crown Council of the Imperial Alliance and the Devoted of the Sanguine Covenant.

Crown Council

Relation: This group of senators is clearly loyal to the Imperial Alliance above all other nations. They seek to ensure peace across Exodus and expand the role and power of the Imperial Alliance.

Modus Operandi: The Crown Council seeks to expand and maintain its power over the nations of Exodus. Unlike most of the other patrons, the Council’s goals and methods are varied and hard to establish.

Leader: The leaders of the Council are not known though some of their head agents are. A man named Preest and a woman named Savina are agents. Because of their complex structure, the Cabal’s overall alignment is neutral (with a strong chaotic bend).

Benefits: You gain a +1 bonus to any social check to help maintain peace throughout the Imperial Alliance and Imperial Janissaries.

The Devoted

Relation: The Devoted do the will of the Sanguine Covenant.

Modus Operandi: Spread the faith of the Sanguine Covenant: destroy fiends (First Ones, undead, evil shapeshifters, evil outsiders) and heretics; bring pagans into the fold; and protect the faithful. If a Devoted cannot perform these tasks, reporting the location of these creatures up the chain of command is paramount. The faithful are to be defended and protected from danger.

Leader: The Confessor of Hadu, Karena Utlakovka, is a p’tan who seeks to investigate and destroy any trace of the First Ones. She places this duty above all others. She started the group to increase her reach and ability to combat the First Ones and their minions. Confessor Karena is lawful neutral (with good tendencies) in alignment.

Requirements: Must worship the Sanguine Covenant.

Benefits: You gain a +1 bonus to any Perception or Sense Motive checks to detect fiends and heretics.

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