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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NeoExodus Legacies Leadership Announced!

If you missed the Tacticon closing ceremonies this past Sunday, you missed the official announcement about NeoExodus Legacies. Yes, I hinted at it for a long time, but now it is official. I am extremely lucky to be working with two awesome ladies on setting this up. We will be spending a few weeks getting everything together, so keep watching.

Joining me in heading this mad enterprise are D'Anne Nelson and Linda Weygant-Robison. Both are well organized and bring a great skill set to the team.

D'Anne served with me as a Living Greyhawk triad from 2006-08 here in Colorado. As I talked to her about my plans for a campaign, she offered herself right away. I was a little shocked and extremely happy.

Linda has been with NeoExodus for a long time, going over my many grammatical mistakes. She too volunteered and wanted to come on-board. Linda is an organizer extraordinaire, as her masterful running of a number of cons has made them reaches records.

The three of us, with LPJ have talked about a number of topics, but with Tacticon "in the way" we postponed our first official meeting. So other than the announcement, there is little to say. We want to put the players in the middle of the action and allow them to influence the direction of our meta-plot, rather than being simple spectators in the events. We have a few ideas on how to accomplish this, but the how is still unclear... at least until we meet together.

One of the few decisions we made is to give ourselves a name as organizers of the campaign. We are the FIRST ONES.

I can't wait to publish details about the campaign as we have a number of ideas we want to put forward.

This also opens a big opportunity for *YOU*. This is a good time to provide us with feedback on organized play campaigns. We're not looking for bashing others, just evaluation.

- What do you like about other OP campaigns?

- What do you dislike about other OP campaigns?

- What do you not see in OP campaigns that you would like to see?

- Anything you think we should do or not do.

You can send all of those to our campaign leadership email address:


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