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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NeoExodus and Ultimate Psionics

I hate kickstarter because I keep finding some great things I would like to own: from minis to RPGs, there is always something I want to have. This includes LPJ Design's latest offerings: Obsidian Apocalypse and NeoExodus adventures.

I won't go into all the reasons why I like this and why I think it's awesome, I'll let you make up your own mind.

After working behind the scene for a few days, Dreamscarred Press and LPJ Design announced today that every one who supported the Kickstarter for 30$ or more would receive a copy of a psionic-based adventure set in NeoExodus.

That's right! Not only do you get the Ultimate Psionic book (which contains the psionic rules we use in NeoExodus), and a lot of goodies (there is like 5-6 PDF and more good stuff). For 30$ you cannot go wrong with this.

I'll admit I expected Paizo to bring out such a psionic handbook this year. Having my hands on a copy of the original book. It's very good! Some recent NeoExodus use it!

About the adventure? Here is the Blurb:

NeoExodus: The Silvered Skull

Nestled high in the Grit Mountains the village of Oldenhaffen is famed for the quality of its wool. Passing through, the town elder runs to you imploring your assistance. Ever since a local shepherd brought back a silvered Cavian skull, things have gone... Insane. Anyone who touched the skull is now frozen in place, unmoving. A psionic-based NeoExodus adventure for 3rd-level characters.

Want to know more? Head on to Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter page... and make this a reality!

And I hear a number of you asking "will this be allowed/adapted in NeoExodus:Legacies?" Yes! Yes! It will! Details still TBA (CURSE YOU NDA), but if you get your hands on The Silvered Skull, you will bet able to play it for credit with your NeoExodus Legacies characters!

Hang on, I've got a lot more cool stuff to announce!


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