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Monday, September 10, 2012

Free RPG Day 2013, NeoExodus and Legacies

I hope I will not shock and surprise you by saying that our involvement in the 2012 Free RPG Day was big for us: it put NeoExodus in the hands of many people who never would've known about us.

With the event being offered again in 2013 (June 15th), LPJ and I have begun to throw down ideas together about what we want to do. There are a number of small stipulations and conditions (coming from my end more than LPJ to be really honest).

- The adventure must be for 3rd level characters (this is our "intro" level).
- The adventure must be playable in 2-4 hours.
- The adventure must serve as an introduction to NeoExodus
- The adventure showing off how and why it is different from other settings.
- The adventure must be "time neutral" as in: it is not part of any of our major story lines.
- The adventure must be adaptable for play as part of NeoExodus: Legacies.

Now, if you ask LPJ, he's gonna tell you something like "it must be cool". OF COURSE the adventure must be cool! That is so obvious,that it's not in my base assumptions... Just like "must have combats".

So while I have not put any ideas down just yet, I am toying with a number of different ideas and villains to use. And it's not like NeoExodus lacks villains! So I am putting some of the ideas out there for you guys to comment and help me decide what I should approach LPJ with. Also, if you have any ideas on WHERE the adventure should be. (you can also email me if you want).

-Explore the lair of a big monster: maybe not a dragon, but you get the idea.
-Explore a wilderness area: Think "land of the lost".
-Travel to the islands of Unthara, a ship trek.
- Similar to above, but set on a Dominion sailing ship
- Get embroiled in the tribal lands of Gavea... A lot of Cynean tribesmen!

The problem: all of the above would be pretty interesting to explore, but so little time! We still have a few months to go, keep those ideas coming.



  1. Maybe a Brotherhood of Khayne cultist in the Wyldlands of Bal trying to unearth a ancient evil, and somehow the Confederacy gets involved BUT NOT in a good way.

  2. I would avoid a ship trek as an intro module, you don't want to give newbies the impression that a NeoExodus game is always going to be on a ship. I know that sounds a bit silly, but first impressions are very important.

    Another general tip that I think would improve organized play: don't let knowledge(local) automatically apply to every location in the world.