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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cult of the Ebon Destroyers Comments

”More than a crawl”, a spoilerless evaluation of Cult of the Ebon Destroyers, a Pathfinder Module adapted to society. Not to spoil anything, and from a PC perspective, this is my appreciation of the adventure.

Yesterday at Enchanted Grounds in Highlands Ranch (south Denver), I got the chance to play the Pathfinder Module Cult of the Ebon Destroyer. The make-up of the party seemed ominous from the start: a lot of thugs, one caster. Our party included:

  • One monk
  • One rogue
  • One barbarian
  • One fighter
  • One fighter/rogue
  • One bone oracle of Rovagug (me)

  • When I sat down at the table – after an eventful night – we all expected to be there for a solid 12 hours of action. I expected to be constantly involved in extended battles deep in a dungeon fight-after-fight type thing.

    I was greatly surprised by the adventure’s flow and story. The adventure is more than a simple dungeon. It included some investigation, some combat and a little research.

    One thing I really liked was that the combats were highly flavorful and made sense. Two elements I’ve been writing quite a lot about on this blog. As we played through, the encounters flowed into one another seamlessly. Maybe it was our GM who did it too, I don’t know.

    Cult of the Ebon Destroyer left a very good taste in my mouth. We played at a leisurely pace (with the guys at that table that’s the only pace) from 9am-7pm. We did get into a few hairy situations at time, but brave stupidity prevailed and we won.

    This module has a lot of room for PCs with varied skill set (or lack of skill in our party). Not just rogue/ healer/ thug… And that is a great plus in my book.

    Great module.

    Great table.

    What more can a guy want?

    Personal notes…

    I think playing this scenario with Naadhira really added to my enjoyment. Naadhira is my bone oracle dedicated to Rovagug the destroyer. She constantly spews insane ranting in a language no one understands (Abyssal or Aklo). Her role is clearly that of a buffer/ nerfer. As such, she either really does bad things to the target (bestow curse, blindness or fear and later… slay living). She is powerful enough when facing human opponents but Ebon Destroyers proved that she needs a little luck to hurt people. But if you fail your save… ouch.

    I’m almost sad to see Naadhira getting so high in levels… After the module, she is now 9th level and rapidly approaching retirement… With two characters near the top level twelve limit I have to level up my next characters…




    1. Good to hear it went well, especially 10 hours of gaming.

    2. Just don't make a low intelligence half orc Sorcerer whose familiar is smarter than him before I do. I was frustrated with coming up with my own Bone Oracle totally independent of you and ending up remarkably similar to Naadhira.

    3. @Kerney... I already have a stupid paladin... ;) I don't need 2 of those!