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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prediction of Doom: Pathfinder Society!

Just to be sure… Prediction of Doom is a term that I use regularly to indicate something that I would be willing to bet actual money on. It does not only mean that bad things are going to happen. Though most of the time it does.

But not today!

For months now I have been like the stream in the canyon, scratching, asking, shouting, yelling and generally being an annoyance over things I consider essentials. But it’s not sufficient to just yap, whine and shout. One has to put his money where his mouth is! Now you see the link to Prediction of Doom?

If you didn’t know, there are major changes coming to Pathfinder Society culminating at Gencon. I’ll refer you to for fulls details. In short: new factions, a shakeup in how there are involved in the adventure, changes on some of the NPCs. To make a long story short, Society is evolving and I am very excited about this, which is an odd change from my normally dour disposition. Player feedback (some I think may go too far, but it is better to move forward than to stagnate.

One of the things I recently predicted (privately) has come true. I was asked to perform a small task for the Society regarding an upcoming product. Don’t ask (unless you’re Mark or Hyrum), I won’t say. And it really doesn’t matter… The important thing is that I got involved more directly than before in an area I have been asking for, for a long time now.

Good times.

Better times ahead.

I’ll let you know about specifics when I can. For now I’m just so excited! I hope this is but the first of many such projects.

*Fingers crossed*

Sooooooo, my Prediction is that Paizo and the Pathfinder Society with the dynamism and responsiveness to feedback will stay around for many years. In eight years of Organized Play, I have yet to see an organization respond to feedback like Mark & Hyrum are doing.

That said, I know other campaigns are responsive to their fan base and I don’t want to rub them the wrong way (looking over my shoulder to PCI, who seem to respond well, but I have not experienced enough of their campaign while it was going on to be able to say).



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  1. Change is usually good, blows the cobwebs away, hope it turns out to be good change.