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Monday, April 4, 2011

[RANT… huh rant-ish] Kinda curse you PCI… kinda

Last week, I posted a message on Paradigm Concept’s Facebook page regarding their upcoming “Codex of Arcanis” product. I was rather simple You guys plan to drop the D12 initiative system and go to Pathfinder? The response I got (which is not the one you can see now) got me riled up and annoyed. Pissed off, I wrote a message to PCI on their website stating my indignation at the response.

I prepared myself to write an awesome, scolding, rant-to-end-all-rants type of rant. I put down all I disliked about the new system. Artillery locked and loaded. My response was direct, but civil as I don’t really have much against the people, only the system.

<JP stabs his D12 to the theme of Halloween>

Then I get a message from Peter Barranechea from PCI, who in rather simple terms asked me what I felt was wrong with SERP (Shattered Empire Role Play). Rubbing my hands together, licking my chops in glee, I wrote a long and (as usual) quite direct response. I detailed my experience with the new game, the old game, what I dislike of the new system. Total of 1,200 words!

Surely, he would send me off to hell with a “gnah” or something like that, and my conscience would be clear to yell FIRE! with a clear conscience, content that I had tried to talk. The talks would fail. Cannons will roar.

Then later this afternoon, Peter replied with some interesting insight about the game, things that had changed since I played and other good things about the game. While I don’t agree with many of his points (my biggest point of annoyance is still there,the D12 wheel), his argument was well formed, valid and not conducive for me to go off on a rant! AAAARGH

<JP stabs his D12 to the theme of Halloween>

So there, it would’ve been an awesome rant. I would’ve been as awesome as the Grande Batterie at Waterloo. But like l’Empereur winning in Belgium, it’s not going to happen.

So instead of the awesome, venom, hate and condemnation-filled rant I was ready to send, I am instead writing this post. The above post sounds melodramatic for effect I really did not want to write any rant against PCI. I like their Arcanis campaign and though I remain indifferent (at best) about their new system, I want to see the finalized version before giving a final verdict. Maybe play an additional game or two.

However, that D12 initiative system just drives me crazy! That much I can rant about. RANT ON!

I have been talking to Peter about this and will be posting more on this here.

<JP stabs his D12 to the theme of Halloween>

<JP stabs his D12 to the theme of Halloween>

<JP stabs his D12 to the theme of Halloween>


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  1. JP,

    My name is Eric Wiener, and I own the Paradigm Concepts Facebook page, meaning I get an email every time something is responded to. Based upon what I have in my inbox, I am uncertain which post led you to feel insulted.

    Please let me know via FB message, I have already submitted a friend request to you to facilitate.


    Eric Wiener
    Paradigm Concepts, Inc.