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Friday, August 18, 2023

Gencon 2023 After Action Report Part 5

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Everyone wants to know... "So what are the final results?" For "Regular Mods" (those we ran multiple times), the rules for tabulating are as follows:
1 - The event that happen most often is taken as the result.
2 - In case of a tie, the playtesters' table get the deciding vote. (meaning they could choose an option not most chosen).

For Specials, the rules are simple: what happened is what happened.

AkhametAkhamet The Canopic Resurrection, Matt's excellent dungeoncrawl:
- The Queen of Cats escaped to cause chaos another day.
- The Lich Skunnezzar was resurrected and is free to go about as he wills.
- The lich's library will provide many avenues of study to those researching Pharaoh's current condition.

Akhamet The Dangling Castle, the point-crawl:
- The Castle was sent home, taking many adventurers with it.
- The village was saved.
- The bronze dragon Ratapedes vanished with the castle.

Olympia The Wolves in the Fold, the tale of Artemis' Revenge:
- Heraklea, priestess of Artemis was killed to slate the blood lust of her mistress.
- Truces were made between the PCs and the Spartian leader Keronides.
- Baetius was rescued and returned safely to Mytenia.
- Many instances of single combat, or of a priestess of Aphrodite vs the Spartians. (No, I did not ask more, ask the internet).

Olympia Deja Vu All Over Again, Bill's time and mind-bending titan hunt:
- The village of Delos was freed from Hades' grip
- The shape-shifting titan, Leodes was captured and turned over to the authorities.
- The mayor, Matullis, played up his role to the Queen.

Ozaka Lady Mijiko, Bill's time and mind-bending titan hunt:
- Lord Azaki's youngest daughter safely reached the village of Iwazaki

Thursday Night's The Ozakan Race, with the rampaging Kaiju:
- The Yokai threatening the land is still out there
- Heroic sacrifices were made and heroes allowed their friends to escape. They were last seen charging the Kaiju Chuwatori as the portal closed.
- All portals were closed, binding Chuwatori once again.
- Relations between Ozakans and the outside world remain somewhat tense. Some links were made but prejudices and distrust still exist.
- Kallias the Oracle of Hermes was technically right... "I never said it was a Temple to Hermes. I said you'd help the Oracle of Hermes and find titans. Where's the lie?" (Smarmy grin)

Friday Night's Tearing Down the Wall, with GMs changing tables:
- Akhamet and Olympia both used Temizia's ritual, allowing the First Ones a secret entry point.
- The Land of the Princesses used Corfell's ritual, preventing the First Ones from reaching in.
- Rhym used Corfell's ritual but did not complete it in time.
- Hapatset had her feline companion killed. The poor kitty touched one of the crystals and burned to death. Bast will have retribution.

Daabi by KeelSaturday Night's Sinking of Bastis, set in another realm:
- Saggakara's natural charm did not come through as she thought. Many disliked or distrusted her.
- The performance contest was won by someone who rolled a 23!
- The princesses forced a goblin to swear fealty, Daabi the goblin. I am thinking of allowing him as a sidekick available only for the Princesses in future years. He could join if there are less than 6 princesses at the table. Whatever the case, I thought the idea so interesting that he has to return. Now I have art for him, he has to appear in future adventures. Isn't that how it works?
- The Sponsors were well-received and made connection to many groups of PCs.

Sunday Morning's Dousing Fire with Blood, the escape adventure:
- Everyone escape the fortress of Titan's Hold.
- The former king, Nestor was executed for his crimes against the Titans. He invoked Zeus before his execution and was struck with a bolt of lightning. His body was never found.
- Some PCs escaped through the portal while most others sailed away.
- Prince Alekreon and Princess Kreozandra was brought to her sister in Mytenia
- Prince Herakreon was taken to the land of the Princesses to be raised under their guardianship
- Emetros-the-Cursed was a big hit. Poor man was turned into a gelatinous cube by Apollo.

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