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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Gencon 2023 After Action Report Part 3

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Friday morning, slot #3 of Lady Mijiko. This one confirmed that the adventure, though it is challenging, did not live up to the deadly reputation my first slot gave me. There was a death, however, when someone used stealth to sneak away from the party and explore something on their own. Ran into an encounter on his own. And no body was found - or sought.

For the afternoon, I had a free slot.


So, I went to the ICC, turned in all my tickets, picked up my coupon book, and headed to the dealer hall. I did not have any specific target. I wanted to pick up my free dice. This year, Crocodile Games were not there, so the money in my pocket remained there. Bittersweet to be honest. I always love speaking with Fitz there.

I wandered briefly until I got to the Gooey Cube booth where I picked up the two Genzacon adventures. Both Will and Randy had talked to me about their stuff and I thought getting both would be a fun thing to do. Using my coupon, I got both for the price of one. BOGO.

I also stopped for some liquid core dice... Pricy but so soo shiny... I had to get two. One for me and one for ActionMan. Then, I returned to the Michigan Room to make sure everything was fine.

It was.

So I spent the rest of the slot listening to games being played and really enjoying GM-craft. It is always so interesting to listen to great games. Bill, who was now in his third time running "Deja vu all over again" was in spendid form. Matt was his highly entertaining self. Marissa was at her first running of Wolves. Finally, new GM Rebecca was running the Dangling Castle. Her nerves showed a bit, but as the slot went on, she settled down and did a great job. One thing I recommended to help her speed up combat was to use average damage. I recommend most GMs do that, by the way. Makes combat zip by.

The evening was Tearing Down The Wall, and adventure whose format I had originally planned for Gencon 2020. However, the story completely changed.

As the barriers between the worlds weakened, worlds begin to collide and crash into each other. Elements begin shifting between worlds. Check out these pictures to see how this was accomplished. Oh and what I did most of the time...


And just like that, it was Saturday...

For the morning, I had my final run of Lady Mijiko. Another great group, these guys actually almost figured out the plot but missed one crucial clue (which was not in the adventure) to find out who was the villain.

For the afternoon, I was free once again. This time, I took the opportunity to do a number of things: listen to my GMs do their thing, went around the Marriott to see other rooms. The place was truly popping and it was great to see. So many people enjoying games. I saw worried looks, smiles, concern, and despair... all the things you want to see from players.

I also managed to take a nap in the corridor. And while I slept, it seems everyone came to see me! Lucky for me, I got to spend a few hours with my good friend Alex-FG (from college/university). Great catching up with him. He played in my Thursday afternoon's Lady Mijiko game but we hadn't had much time to talk after - with me organizing and such.

Good times.

I was pulled back to the room to start the madness that was to be The Sinking of Bastis. Here, the PCs were invited to a music festival in the City of Cats. When the city around the Palace of Sweet Dreams was taken to another realm. Here, this world was a patchwork place made of pieces from different worlds.

Under the command of Saggakara, they explored and defended the pieces of the city from barbarians, made deals with other factions also stuck in this place. Eventually, they were sent to destroy large collections of green crystals to allow Bastis to go home. They succeeded and in doing so, sacrificed themselves in the process.

I must admit I was rather worried about the ending, whether people would pelt me with dice and food carton.

Lucky for me, no. I like to think that my "come back tomorrow morning to find out what happens next," may have saved me. Still from the faces, there were really excited faces. Many people spoke about how excited they were about the story and how they enjoyed the multi-table nature of the event.

Next, Sunday... The day everything hinged on...

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