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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Twitch Discussion with DMPaulG Feb 9 1930EST

DMPaul's Youtube Posting here that I will be going live with DMPaulG to talk about the Moonshaes, 4th Edition, going back over that long gone era. With the recent OGL debacle, I think going back and looking at previous editions of the game to help us find what's great about them.

We will be going live on his Twitch channel February 9 at 1930 EST and go on for a while (could be the next morning).

Since he is involved in the Moonshae Isles for the Adventure League, like I was back in 2007-'10, I thought it would be fun to go back and revisit these adventures. I have like a millions things to say/ respond to based on his videos about the adventures. Many of the oddities he detected had reasons. Well I'm spilling the beans and all the juicy details.

Expect a LOT of information, laughs, and adventure ideas getting dropped. I'm pretty excited about it.

Join us February 9 1930EST for a great time! Ask any question you want.

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