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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

[Kinda Book Report] Essential Thor Vol 7

I bought this last Essential during one of the Free Comic Book day sales. I haven't posted a Thor report in a while.

This book was odd, strange, and crazy with some sci-fi sotries. I mean one of the major plot going through most of the issues therein is the search for Odin who is somewhere in space. So they travel through space on a viking longship!

That may be the craziest thing... But at one point, they add weapons systems to the ship. Not like a balista, but laser canons and particle beams type thing. It look ridiculous.

One thing I love about these issues tho is the vibe of adventure. Everyone is up for adventure. Though sometimes, it seems the panels are a little too full of action, I won't fault it.

As a writer of adventure games, I felt quite inspired by a few of the arcs. Things I could adapt to various games or settings. Something that is quite surprising because usually the plots and stories do not adapt too well. So that was a pleasant bonus. A few of these stories had interesting twists I liked.

One thing that REALLY annoyed me was that the text was extremely dense AND it went all the way to the spine of the book, forcing me to force the book open. I did not like that. And it was not only in one place but through the 20+ issues.

In the end, despite some high points, this was a good effort. I can settle on a 3/5.

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