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Saturday, February 19, 2022

[Release] Witches of Pikemaster on DM's Guild

It is with great pride and joy that I announce the release of my latest product on the DM's Guild, Witches of Pikemaster.

When I bought Descent into Avernus, I felt greatly dissatisfied with it. The plot is thin and Mad Max-ing over and over loses its veneer quickly. So the idea came to me: could I write a "Better Avernus"? So I began to take it apart, trying to write a more engaging storyline than a series of fetch/ kill missions.

I jotted down a number of ideas on my post-it board and began to move them around. These ideas included things that made me thought of devils or "devilish activities". One element that sat on the bottom of the board was a single word. Witch

That's when I remembered an adventure I wrote for Living Greyhawk called URC8-04 Witches of Pikemaster, inspired on an overdose of witches movies and adventures. I think I watched a Warlock marathon on SciFi and a Salem Witch Trial. Per the format of that campaign, the adventure was very focused on one main scene I had a blast writing.

From this 4h adventure sprung an adventure I mirrored on the classic modules, with one problem linking to the others. Rather than "just" designing dungeons, I chose to create or expand upon locations of interest, including planar locations in the Abyss, Avernus, and the Outlands.

So I decided to merge the two into one campaign-size book, with the idea of the witch trials serving as a catalyst for adventure. It took about a year to write, edit, and playtest. Shout-out to ActionMan, Billy, Corey, JP2, Marvin, and Sarah.

I would be remiss not to mention the awesome artists who made these hellish visions of mine come to life. Niall Arts, The British Shark, and MedievalKyte especially. They rolled with the strange requests I sent their way for odd characters and monstrosities. The book is full of commissioned art.

If you are looking for a campaign that his many of the classic tropes and delves into classic D&D lore, this one's for you.

Get Witches of Pikemaster on the DM's Guild today!

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