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Thursday, February 10, 2022

[Kinda Book Review] Soldiers Live by Glen Cook

Soldiers Live is the final (time-wise) book in the history of the Black Company. Here we get most of the answers for many of the mysteries from Water Sleeps, which I read last year. I bought the two in an omnibus I bought from Glen Cook himself. Like the final chapter of Julius, I didn't want to finish this book. I was excited and curious as to how it would end. Now that we have all the "main" characters together once again how would this go.

Without spoiling, in a very "Glen Cook"-y sort of way. While some characters survived to receive odd rewards, other get decent death scenes, some are killed off-screen during a battle, and others well. Others just survive.

We are given more explanation about the Plain of Glittering Stone, about the history of the Black Company (of which some elements remain nebulous enough to stay interesting). The future of the Company is effectively one rooted in the past. I enjoyed this book quite a lot and remained curious until the end.

I think this one was not as good as the Silver Spike but had enough interest to keep me reading morning and night.

This book is better, I think it is better than Water Sleeps. So between the two, I will settle on a 4/5 simply because it was good, but not 5/5 good.

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