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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Tearbringer Adeptus Astartes Army

An army project I painted a year or two ago. Now they take up space and I am thinking of selling (if you are interested, let me know). These are all long-OOP models table-ready for action. My idea was to field them as a Blood Angel Successor chapter, the Tearbringers. However, by using my own chapter, I can field them as whoever I want... There are quite a few conversions in the army.

The army includes:
Space Marine Captain (Dark Angel Master Azrael with Watcher-in-the-dark)
Veteran with Grand Banner
Librarian in Terminator Armor
10 Gold/Veteran Assault Marines
10 Black Assault Marines aka Death Company
5 Sergeants
10-man Veteran/Tactical squad with a flamer and missile launcher
6 Tactical Space Marines with heavy weapons (3x missile launchers, 2x heavy plasma, 1x heavy bolter)
4 Tactical Space Marines with special weapons (2x flamers, 1x meltagun, 1x plasmagun)
16 Tactical Space Marines with bolters

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