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Monday, February 1, 2021

[Kinda Book Review] 52 - Vol. 2

Santa was kind enough to get me both volumes 1 and 2 of "52". I reviewed the first volume previously and on the heels of that book, I decided to read the second volume. I was quite curious to continue the story, see where it was going.

Part two continues the story, but frankly, the story is not as engaging, with each issue seeming more interested in presenting and using obscure and unique characters than tightening the plot. There are a few plot of interest and unlike in Vol 1, the stories are pretty different and for the most part do not mingle.

One of the best plots, the Black Adam story, turns into a rather bland villain-turned love-sick fool, it is very much like a . The two plots that makes me want to see more of are the Skeet-as-villain, and ElasticMan as Dr Fate.

The former was just a completely surprise to me. I love Booster Gold/Skeet as the money-grubbing time-traveling superhero. With skeet making an eel turn by sending Booster Gold's ancestor one million years into the past, it took the story from another bland plot to another level. Unfortunately, there is not enough development nor any form of resolution during this issue. Felt too much like a teaser...

The latter is one that prepares us for the return - or selection of a new - Doctor Fate. This is an interesting plot filled with introspective discussion. Again, I wanted more but the plot is just getting started and is gaining steam.

So as I get to the too-quick end of this part, I find myself wondering: was it good enough for me to buy the next part and see it to the end? I think yes, I think I want to read to the end. There are enough interesting threads I would like to see through. So I will be getting the rest of the story.

As for a rating... I think this is a "fine" product and will settle for an easy 3/5. Let's see where these plotlines go... I'm hooked.

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