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Thursday, February 6, 2020

[Doctor Who Review] 12.05 Fugitive of the Judoon

This one I was looking forward to seeing. I liked the Judoon as they appeared in "Smith and Jones" way back when. This trigger-happy mercenary police force made for an intriguing set up.

So the episode begins with an embargo of earth with the Judoon looking for a fugitive. But without providing us with much details about the fugitive, as one would expect from the judoon.

The let down is the big reveal of the show where they try to re-write the Doctor's own history. It was bad. Not every actor should be used as action stars and seeing them go kungfu on a bunch of people really broke believability. From that point on, I just could not care and rolled my eyes. It would've been SO MUCH BETTER to provide us with a different character, perhaps the parent of Susan (from the first 1963 season)...

Again this episode suffered from too many characters. Captain Jack's appearance was a welcomed addition but his appearance in the blinking FORESHADOW HERE scene was made less impactful by the repetition of the scene "Oh! You are not that Doctor... Either!" made me smile but really did not work because of the cheap decor...

Again, the rest of the world remains completely still and takes no action as these aliens take over earth. The governments go "okay, we'll wait until you are done" and wait.

The Moral at the end was about the Companion telling the Doctor they were her friends and family. It would've been powerful if spoken by just one person - Graham was the right one to say this - but with three people standing there, it looked and felt more like an intervention. Then she promises to take the crew to Gallifrey and we end up...

Would I re-watch? No.

Rating: 2/5 (Started as a 3 then plummeted to a 1, so average of 2)

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