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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Three Upcoming FOE products

Here is a short update on FOE Products that should be released in the next month. We have 2 adventures and 1 supplement.

Apple of a mother's eye

This adventure came to me from a reddit post. Reading the post, I thought "man! That is way more interesting than what is in the book."

And from that short idea, a full-on book sprang!

When inspiration comes easy, it is a wonderful thing and I was able to blast through this to bring an early alpha draft to my own gaming group. From there, the adventure evolved further as I refined more and more elements.

What I really like is that this puts an alternate spin on a story that is otherwise rather uni-dimensional. Adding and alternate perspective was something I had a real blast laughing.

To Quench the Flame

This adventure was writing last year around this time. Since then, I sat on it for many reasons.

Then after Gencon, I decided I would revisit this project and see where I could take it. The adventure as I initially wrote it was too big for just one adventure so I decided to make it two adventures, creating the Giant Problems of Kajara series.

Splitting the two allowed me to focus on both parts separately. In this one, I added a massive encounter at the start of the adventure. Something to get the PCs in the action quicker than the original work.

Now that I am done with this, it seems like this story could be used to expand and continue Storm King's Thunder as they were written for levels 11-14.

Crypts of Ravenloft

This sourcebook is a collection of handouts to use with Curse Of Strahd. This product contains the writing on each of the forty tombs in the massive crypt of Ravenloft castle.

I came up with the idea as I began preparing for the exploration of this massive room.

I wanted something clean and simple to give to my PCs. As many of the names have a humorous tinge to them, giving a handout should allow me to keep a straight face as they figure out the meaning of the names.

Edit This was now released. Get it on DM's Guild

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