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Saturday, April 6, 2019

[Review] Saving Encea for 5e

Earlier this week, my Facebook feed brought me a request by fellow creator Matt-V, asking for feedback on his adventure. I replied and in short order, he sent me a copy of his product to go over. I printed the adventure and began reading.

The adventure is Saving Encea, presented as 6-8 hour one shot adventure. Now knowing my players, they would spend 12 hours in the first encounter, but that is besides the point.

1- Overall: The look and presentation is top-notch, reminding me of a Paizo product (the gold standard IMO). The art is and layout is clear and easy to follow. 5/5

2- Editing: I found a number of minor issues. Nothing that prevented me from understanding, but enough for me to notice it. 4/5

3- Flow: This is one of my personal major points. If the adventure does not flow, then it sucks. However, as I read the adventure, the flow was natural and realistic. I found myself thinking I could use this adventure in my own setting, with little modification. Although not unexpected, I enjoyed it very much. 5/5

4- Rewards/Magic items: I will ding the adventure hard on this one. The rarity of the items and their abilities are really out of whack, and the mechanics for them unclear at best. Many of these can easily be traded or substituted but as presented 1/5

5- Plugin potential: The adventure is one that lends itself very much to a sequel, or for the PCs to continue the story, both with the helpful NPCs and the villains. Not part of the adventure, but something I would like to see: a prequel where Caine and Encea are introduced, to give the PCs more of a reason to care for them and their plight. This adventure can be used as a sidetrek, start of a campaign, or continuing one.

Therefore, I can settle with a solid 4/5 (would go to a 5/5 if the magic item issues are addressed). I will use this adventure as part of a campaign I am planning.

You can get this adventure on DriveThruRPG.

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