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Monday, January 21, 2019

Ravenloft Dreams of Dust Released!

During the fall of 2018, I began work on updating an adventure I wrote for Pathfinder. The more I wrote, the more it changed shape into something completely different than what it started out as.

Then last year, I got three groups of great playtesters provided me with feedback. I went through many rounds of editing to get things all nice and ready. I took a lot longer than I initially planned to, but the final product is worth it.

Final tally is a 43 pages adventure that will take you AT LEAST 12-15 hours to complete, with near-limitless possibility for expanding. The time was confirmed by four tables of players.

This says nothing of the awesome artwork Irene did for the adventure.

Ravenloft Dreams of Dust is now available through the DM's Guild.

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