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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

FOE Looking for GMs for Gencon 2019

It is once again time for Gencon planning. Yes, it is barely over that it again comes on the topic. This year, I have some very ambitious goals for FOE. I plan to have a massive showing. I would love to see if we could get three tables running at the same time! One of these slots will either be a cooperative or competitive event! Your group against another.

I am still considering the details of what we will run... Whether this be in Akhamet, Rhym, Saggakar or something else! A lot of time and work between now and then. I definitely plan to use the Patreon to provide insight into the writing process of these, but also offer additional perks and bonuses to players! Another perk of being a patron!

I have a few ideas yet to develop for what I want to do. Perhaps the return of Prince Diogenes, everyone's favorite foreign prince, and son of a god? A lot of people would really hate me for bringing this hero of a foreign land back... I would also like to work with my team of GMs in the creation of this special. Pick their brains.

I plan to run a program similar to the last two years: three slots of FOE games on Thursday and Friday, and a Sunday morning slot. This leaves me free on Saturday all day, and my GMs get two or three days off at Gencon!

Therefore, this year again, I am looking for one or two GMs who would be willing to GM for FOE for 1 or 2 days at Gencon. Last year, J-S and Isabelle did a stellar job, and received 3 days of available Genconing, a bunch of FOE products, and a set of hand-painted iconic characters for Akhamet. I offer similar perks for GMing one day for me (please I don't want to deal with half GMing here and there, dealing with the perks is a PITA)

So contact me with questions and your availability! This is your chance to run a great game AND decide what you will inflict on those poor Gencon-ians...