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Friday, February 14, 2014

Serial Pulp! My adventure is now available!

Enough waiting!

Enough teasing!

With Genghis Con finally upon us (and me not going for the first time since 2006), games are running like crazy (word from Legacies are trickling in). I have been busy writing my first Serial Pulp adventure. Now that the con is upon us, time to share the love to everyone!

If you like it, don't be afraid of contacting the campaign administration. They would love to hear feedback and to get more people to play (and write!)

You can re-read my interview with James Stepanek. The interview was, I will admit my first initiation into the world of Pulp. I had known OF it, but never got into it. It is one of those genre that I like but never get into. Which is strange considering my attraction to the time period, the history and everything. Still I got to play shortly after that and really had a blast of it.

So talking to him by Facebook, I offered to write an adventure for it. Something that wasn't a war scenario. I had been thinking of this spy-theme story and thought it might fit in pulp. I will admit that when James offered "Set it in Finland," my heart sank a little. I knew so little about it.

But that only meant a challenge for me to read up on the events and learn the actors. Like most of the politics that lead into the second world war... It is fascinating.

As an added bonus, Pulp fans... this weekend RPGNow is having a sale!!! So check out this little pulp adventure! James was kind enough to provide me with the official campaign certs!

Get the adventure for yourself by clicking here!


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