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Monday, February 10, 2014

NeoExodus Legacies! New Campaign Guide in the works!

Hey Legacies fans!

It is time to review the campaign guidelines! After a year and a half of operating on the same guide, we need to change things up a little.

A lot of the changes come from feedback that YOU, the players have shared with us over the year. I hope to get it completed before the summer con seasons. Ergo, have it all ready to go at this year's Origins, PaizoCon, and GenCon!

Things we plan to add:

    - A Cohort Creation Guide: Use the Leadership feat!
    - Crafting Guide: Build your own goodies!
    - Put the additional resources in a web page we can update
    - Offer the book through FOE rather than LPJ Design
    - Offer options from more and new products.
    - A small FAQ that is a hodge-podge of questions and small misc.
    - Is there a class, archetype, ability or piece of equipment you would like to be included? One you would like us to ban? (and why?)

What can you do? I will be posting a number of discussion topics on our Facebook group. Your feedback is highly prized.


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