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Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Gostor Release! Build ruins on the fly!

I have been working on a number of side-projects among the madness that has been the last few weeks, in preparation for Genghis Con, AND my weekend off at Winter Fantasy. One of these is a small document on ruins I had been playing with for a short while.

This is a collection of notes and tables I have been using myself for years. I was searching for them the other day (because I misplaced one the pages) and thought "Man, having this as a pdf would really simplify my life!" This GOSTOR: Ruins was born!

What is "GOSTOR: Ruins"? Like all Gostor products, it is a light and simple framework. GOSTOR:Ruins aimed at GMs to quickly generate a set of ruins. Not the maps, but the story and details behind the ruins. Questions like "What happened?", "What do we see from the outside?", "Who lives there now?" Condensed in six tables, providing a total of over 825,000 combinations! Enough for you never to run out of idea!

Also a few pieces of advice on creating ruins from a fluff perspective.

Did I mention it was system-agnostic? It can be used with any game system!

You can get your copy of Gostor: Ruins on RPGNow


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