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Monday, December 30, 2013

Commissions: What Santa brought me (for others)

This year, Santa brought me a few new friends for whom to paint minis to. These included my new Venture-Captain, Chad-N and his lovely bride-to-be, Holly.

If you ever asked Chad what his character(s) is(are) in PFS, you get the MOST evasive answers EVER. I did not wish to tell him "I am painting a model for you, tell me which character!" I must say that I waffled for a long time. When I finally came upon these two gladiators in my model pile. So I built them up, added magnets to their base. Which is odd because I don't usually add magnets to commission work. I guess I must have simply done them while I was doing a batch of them... I guess he can now put them on his fridge! These two are from Wargames Foundry' awesome sculpts I bought years ago... I must say on Ebay in a job lot.

Now, unlike Chad, if you ask Holly about her character, she will tell you about her halfling rogue... This model is pretty cool, but fairly bland for a painter - no large pieces of clothing: skin, armor, sword. The cloak being the only place the one place to make a statement. As a rogue, I did not what to make this a bright color or a sharply contrasting design. So I used a muted green for the base. But after that was done, I felt the model was... unfinished. Like it was missing something... So I added a single band of flowers linked by vines. I think the result works and keeps with the muted/roguish feel I wanted to give it while giving a nice little accent.


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