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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Menoth: Converted Templar heavy warjack

The last of the heavy jack from the EBay super lot. This conversion was a little more involved than the others. I started with a Crusader chassis and turned the mace into a flail. Then I created a multi-layered shield using plasticard. The unpainted version had obvious flaws I painted over. In the end it came out nice.

Like the rest of the wonder-lot, all of the Menoth heraldry had been cut out, so I decided to make one shoulder pad with the "Holy Text" motif and the other one with a "tamer" gold symbol of Menoth on a purple background. Though I had not planned it at the time, this model creates a bridge of sorts between the two painting schemes.

Painting the shield was interesting. First I thought (and started) covering it with holy texts (on the white AND purple areas). But it looked really bland. So I covered the purple and added the flame design. That really made the model pop. Added a Menoth cross in the center and that model was done.

Definitely my favorite of the lot!


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