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Friday, December 14, 2012

NeoExodus Interactive Sneak Peek

Today, a little sample of some of the goodies I'm slowly preparing for the interactive at Genghis Con this coming February (14-17th). All the First Ones will be present (D'Anne, Linda and myself).

Our first multi-table interactive will be Friday night with limited seating. Here is the Blurb:

92-LI-03 Opening Moves

Written by The First Ones

Over a year ago, the Arman Protectorate invaded the lands of the Janus Horde. A year later, the Dominion also has an army in Sametia. From towns and fortresses all along the border, the Caneus Empire will launch a Crusade aimed at reducing the Horde. War on three fronts... This is a mutli-table, story-binding interactive event. An Adventure for APL 3-5 (Character levels 3-6).

So without saying much about the specifics of the adventure, here are some of the miniatures we'll be using. These are all human models. The models are a mix of Foundry, Wargames Factory and Privateer Press bits.

Yes, yes I know there are quite a few females that are showing... huh... more that is appropriate. Well they are barbarians - by choice! And they are not the only or the last ones of the bunch. I bought a collection of Foundry Nymphs... turns out more than half of them (okay more like 75%) where partially dressed. Enjoy!


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